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Pitch Perfect

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The Pitch Perfect programme is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the essential skills needed to craft and deliver compelling pitches that resonate with investors. Participants will learn key insights into investor expectations and receive expert guidance on how to effectively prepare and present their pitches. The main outcomes of the programme include mastering the art of pitch creation, enhancing confidence in delivery, and increasing the likelihood of securing investment opportunities.

Programme Objectives & Outcomes

The Pitch Perfect programme enables entrepreneurs to learn what investors look for in a
pitch and how to prepare and present the pitch. The main outcomes are:
​​1. Learning how to create a pitch deck
2. Learning how to pitch in 3 minutes
3. Learning to pitch investors
4. Learning to pitch via Zoom/In-person
5. Learning where to find investors
6. Learning to approach investors

Programme Duration & Benefits

  • Pitch Readiness Programme

  • 4x Pitching Sessions

  • 4x Weekly Webinars

  • 1x Monthly Networking Event

  • Access to online course for 12 months

Programme Cost: R1,500 Per Startup

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The programme will cover a range of modules designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge for entrepreneurial success.​

  • Types and sources of funding

  • The 10-slide pitch deck

  • What investors look for in a pitch

  • Pitch practice

  • How to size your market

  • How to show traction that matters

  • Your Investment Ask

  • How to answer investor questions

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