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Launch Pad Programme

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Introducing our Startup Launch Programme tailored for idea and pre-revenue businesses! Dive into an immersive learning experience designed to equip you with essential skills and insights crucial for entrepreneurial success. From mastering the art of selling before building to understanding investor expectations, identifying problem/solution fit, and achieving product/market fit, our programme provides the knowledge and tools needed to propel your startup forward. Plus, sharpen your pitching skills and learn how to effectively communicate your vision to investors. Join us and turn your startup dreams into reality!

Programme Objectives & Outcomes

The startup launch programme enables entrepreneurs to launch valuable and investable
businesses fast and cost-effectively. The main outcomes are:

​Programme Objectives& Outcomes:
1. Cultivate a deep understanding of market dynamics and customer needs to refine and validate business ideas.
2. Equip entrepreneurs with strategic frameworks for prioritizing and executing critical tasks in the early stages of business development.
3. Provide practical tools and methodologies for conducting market research and competitor analysis to identify unique value propositions.
4. Foster an entrepreneurial mindset focused on agility, resilience, and
adaptability to navigate uncertainties and challenges.
5. Guide participants in building a robust foundation for sustainable growth, emphasizing scalability and long-term viability.
6. Facilitate networking opportunities with industry experts, mentors, and potential collaborators to foster valuable connections and insights.
7. Empower entrepreneurs with effective communication and storytelling skills to articulate their vision and attract support from stakeholders, including investors and partners.
8. Offer personalized feedback and guidance tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each participant's business idea or pre-revenue venture.

Programme Duration & Benefits

The programme duration is 3 months of intensive work and 9 months of support, community and investor pitching (Total access is 12 months).

  • LaunchPad Programme

  • 2x Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • 4x Webinar Access

  • 1x Monthly Networking Event

  • 1x Weekly Group Coaching

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The programme will cover a range of modules designed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge for entrepreneurial success.​ 

1. Market Validation Strategies
2. Lean Startup Methodology
3. Feasibility Analysis
4. Resilience and Adaptability
5. Partnership Building
6. Mentorship and Guidance
7. Innovation and Impact
8. Financial Management for Startups
9. Marketing and Branding Strategies

10. Business Model Refinement


Through strategic partnerships with institutions like Pranary, the University of Cape Town, ABSA, the University of Venda, FNB, MTN, Akro Capital, the City of Cape Town, and Schoeman Law Inc., Akha has successfully incubated and nurtured numerous SMEs, driving economic growth.



QP Drone Tech

"After going through Akha Ventures via Pranary my perception changed. I got lessons from founders of companies and investors explained clearly what they were looking for. Sandras, Nicole and the team were very helpful and knowledgeable. And the support from the community is incredible. In fact. This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made."


Feelgood Health

"During the programme you learn to put together a very well-focused pitch deck. You get a chance to present to people so you can get feedback and refine it. Right at the end of the course there is the opportunity to pitch seriously to the investors. They were happy with my pitch and said they wanted to work with me."


Push Eat

"I was part of the Y Combinator Startup School this January and I still feel I am gaining more at Akha Ventures through Pranary than at YC cohort. I think the reason is because we get to talk to Brian and Sandras and mentors directly, as well as other Entrepreneurs."



“I must say the team has given me the direction on what we actually needed to focus on more. The current pandemic set back our MVP, but with feedback from the program we have restructured our value proposition and aligned on our target customers, and are testing it now."



"In the four years of building my company, attending a number of programs and pivoting 5 times, nobody has given my team and I half the knowledge we have received from Akha Ventures in the last 4 weeks."


AYA Africa

"It's just really amazing to have a sounding board. It's amazing to know there are people who know what you are doing, understand what you do, and that you can reach out to."


Patrol Assist

"Akha Ventures through Pranary has introduced our team to a community of brilliant, like-minded entrepreneurs, from across the continent, with whom we’re exchanging a wealth of knowledge and experiences in the entrepreneurship journey."


The Good Mineral

"I absolutely love what Akha Ventures & Pranary is about. It’s a practical school for entrepreneurs all about what exactly is needed to get you to the next level and to get you funding that you need."
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"I would say Pranary is like a guide, a tool kit an entrepreneur needs to ensure that they can enact on their growth strategy and really ensure real impact."


Black Mamba Foods

"What Akha Ventures offers through Pranary is something that is so unique in the market, especially for entrepreneurs that want to grow and scale businesses."

Arshad Dudhia


"The team has a unique ability to simplify and explain emotionally charged behaviours. They make you feel that it’s ok that you were not able to see what was obvious to them. And they are caring with a bright sunlit smile which gives one the strength to persevere"

Caesar Siwale


"The team has the fantastic skills of being outgoing, engaging, no-nonsense, tactical and of listening. With these qualities he is able to construct the means through which one can optimise their needs and solutions."
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